Advanced Reports gives you as a Google Drive user an overview of all your shared folders and files.

1. Open Advanced Reports using the Apps Launcher in the upper right bar. To access Advanced Reports, you need to be logged in to your Google account.

2. Advanced Reports allows you to display all external file and folder sharing and to delete them as required. In the main window you will find all the files and folders. Use the page numbers in the upper section to display the next page of files and folders.

3. The filter functions across each column enable you to view your search results according to the filters "Writer", "Reader" and "Commenter" as well as "Shared with Anyone", shared with User" or " Shared with group (distribution list) ".

4. If you have shared a file or folder with more than one person, their names will appear one below the other. Here you can see with whom you shared the file or folder and which rights are associated with your sharing.
By clicking on the cross sign you can easily end the sharing of the file or folder.

5. Advanced Reports scans your Google Drive every 24 hours for all externally shared files and folders. Your newly shared files and folders will appear in Advanced Reports after this period.