Installation Guide for End Users

Open up Share your Contacts: First open up “Share Your Contact” from the G Suite Launcher.

Create group: To create a group click on the “+”-symbol under “My Groups”.

Group name / save group: Then you name the group and save the setting by clicking the “disk”-symbol.

Add users: To add users select the just created group by clicking on it once and then clicking on the “+”-sign.


Now you add the email-addresses of the users and click on “save”.

Now you can give out user rights for the shared contact group. These rights are:

  • Read = User can only read the shared contacts 

  • Edit = User can add contacts

  • Delete = User can delete contacts

Shared contacts in contact-app: The shared groups do now appear in the contact app of all group members.

Add contacts: To share contacts with other group members simply add contacts in the now shared contact group.