Installation Guide for Administrators

To install and provide "Share your Contacts (SyC)" for your users, you will need to have full administrative access into your Admin-Panel ( as well as Super-Administrator / Power User permissions.

G Suite Marketplace: Please login into your G Suite environment, using your administrative credentials and visit the following URL:

: Choose the “+”-Icon.

Confirm with "Next".

Please accept the Software Terms and Conditions and click "accept". You can activate SyC for a dedicated organisational unit. By standard, SyC is available for the whole domain.

Notifications: You can decide if you would like to notify your users about "Share your Contacts".

Launcher availability: You'll receive the information that "Share your Contacts" can be found in the Launcher.


Additional setup: Now a message appears indicating that an additional setup is required. Click "Complete additional setup" to go directly to the app's configuration view. Click "Finish" to complete the installation process.

Admin console: In the admin console, the app now appears under Apps > Marketplace Apps. Settings can be changed via the selection menu.

The app can only be distributed or displayed on different organisational units within the domain.

"Share Your Contacts" admin environment: You can change settings in the admin environment of Share Your Contacts as a logged-in G Suite administrator. To do this, switch to "Admin-View" in the upper right corner.

As an administrator you have access to the following settings:

  • Groups administration: You can delete groups or change the read-, write- and delete permissions of users

  • Integration of Company Directory: "Directory Groups" allows you to specify in which shared group the company directory should be inserted

  • User-administration: User management allows you to individually decide which user can use Share Your Contacts and whether or not to receive admin rights.